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Typing Liam Bailey into youtube, I happened to come across a playlist called watchlistentell*. So I thought I’d do just that…

I was overwhelmed by the amount of artists yet to be discovered, including Dry the River, Forest Fire, Two-Door Cinema Club, Life in Film and Golden Silvers (you can listen to their happy-clappy harmony Magic Touch here).

Looking at the lyrics of some of Watch-Listen-Tell’s featured bands and music artists, I came across the themes of fear, freedom, love, joy, and the transience of life, and decided to explore them in more depth in the following blog posts:

Oh and here’s the watch-listen-tell playlist, starting with Liam Bailey’s It’s Not The Same. I would say sit back and enjoy, but you may find yourself dancing round your living room!

Also if you have any particular requests for music reviews/poetry articles, let me know by leaving a comment.

*“Watch, Listen, Tell is a video channel which focuses on creating the best looking and sounding acoustic videos, favouring the new but always welcoming the seasoned, artists and musicians.” (Watch-Listen-Tell Youtube Channel)

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  1. Leah permalink
    May 8, 2012 16:26

    thanks for the link… :)
    there’s some really interesting music there!


  1. calminthechaotic

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