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 << Elizabeth Barrett Browning – The Sky
Whether you’re a poetry lover or not, I hope these posts in some way leave you inspired by the concept that there is something greater than ourselves. For a poetry overview click here. I’ve divided the poets into Romantic, Victorian, and Modern and Contemporary. Click on the links below to read the reviews/articles and feel free to comment. 
Charlotte Smith – Calm, not before, but in the midst of, the storm
John Clare – I Am
William Wordsworth – Nature, Man, God
Christina Rossetti and Renewal
Elizabeth Barrett Browning – Twentyhood
Gerard Manley Hopkins – Manley Humility, The Sky Minted Into Golden Sequins 
Matthew Arnold – The Buried Life
Walt Whitman – Called by name
Modern and Contemporary
Hans Magnus Enzensberger – The Reality of Peace
Joshua Bennett – “How playful you can be with words”
Seamus Heaney – Colmicille the Scribe
The Petty Concerns of Luke Wright
Wildness and Calm

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