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Reckless abandon like no one’s watching you

May 12, 2016

Ever heard Swedish House Mafia’s rendition of Sweet Disposition, originally released by The Temper Trap? The lyrics got me thinking…

Reckless abandon like no one’s watching you. Like, as if, if only… The fact is we’re all being watched – by ourselves and by each other. As we compare ourselves to others we fluctuate between empty pride that we’ve made it and despair that we’re not quite there. And if we imagine no one’s watching, say we don’t care what other people think, we’re still left enslaved – to ourselves.

Despite the apparent sweetness of the song, hidden in its fabric of fun is a desperate need to keep dancing, crying, dreaming – won’t stop ’til it’s over – to drown out the sound of the ‘songs of desperation’ which cripple our soul as we face the reality that if ‘it’ is life, it being over is death. The Bible says that it’s through our own rebellion against God that death came into the world (see Fall).

So what of our rights, our wrongs? His grace cuts through the two. Instead of watching and condemning us from afar, God comes into the world He made through His Son, Jesus – not to condemn, but to save (see John 3:16-17). Seeing our wrongs, He puts it right, offering us by His death and resurrection what we don’t deserve – freedom from the slavery we got ourselves into, and hope of the eternity which is written on our hearts (see Ecclesiastes 3:11):

‘For the wages of sin [our wrongs] is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.’ (Romans 6:23; see also 1 Peter 3:18 and Romans 5:8)


[Originally published on Feb 2, 2014 upon first hearing the song in France]

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