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Times have changed…

October 29, 2011

As the clocks are changing, I thought I’d search the lyrics by some of the musicians explored on this blog to see how they use their “time”.

Liam Bailey (Acoustic, Soul, R&B): When it’s working over time… this time and space. For more on Liam Bailey, read Peace of Mind.

Jake Smith (Jazz, Blues, Hip-hop, Rap): If you’re bored with the time you’re living in/ Make a change so you won’t have a could have been life. Read Blacksmith of Groove-Hooves for more on Jake Smith.

Absynthe Minded (Indie, Pop, Jazz): It’s 8 o’ clock it seems like night-time awaits the proper time to fall… The small time crooks and beggar-women are being led off to their home… Closing time comes on timeFor more on Absynthe Minded, read There’s nothing new under the sun… but what about beyond it?

It’s high time, past prime time, about time that it’s bedtime. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

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