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The Path of Poetry: The Romantics

August 17, 2011

Whether you’re new to this blog or returning to it, welcome! You’ll be pleased to know I’m getting more into my stride. I’ve decided to alternate where possible between music and poetry reviews, looking in depth at the words written. You may realise that not all, but most of the lyricists and poets I focus on are not in the mainstream – they are either new and little known, or old and somehow forgotten, both rarely given the credit they deserve.

Nevertheless, I hope you’ll discover along with me that there are hidden springs of life even within these off-road brooks which play hide and seek with us as we trace their path to a river of ideas, and finally to an ocean of possibility.

Enough of my contrived poetic musings! Let me introduce you first to the masters of Romanticism and let me know how you get on…

Charlotte Smith – Calm, not before, but in the midst of, the storm

John Clare – I Am

William Wordsworth – Nature, Man, God

P.S. Don’t you just love the word meander? There is something simply beautiful about meandering rivers finding their way to the sea.

For a list of music reviews, click here. I’d recommend Kings of Convenience and Crosby and Nash for starters.


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