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“How playful you can be with words” – Joshua Bennett

July 18, 2011

I haven’t done a review on a performance poet since The Petty Concerns of Luke Wright. So I thought I’d return to spoken word, because what is better than the Word spoken? Joshua Bennett has got the vision right.

“The me I was, the me I am and the me I will be” – Joshua Bennett’s poetry tells the story of his life, how he came to believe and how he came to be.

A combination of boldness and reserve, vivacity and nerve, an adorable lisp and a sense of humour make up his biography of poetry.

Prison Turned Sanctuary – watch JB’s poem about his brother here.

Tamara’s Opus – watch JB’s White House performance as he tells the story of his deaf sister here.

10 Things I Want To Say to a Black Woman – watch what JB has to say here.

Check out his tumblr site and read the EYmag interview here.

Also, don’t you just love the photo? Forgive the pose and appreciate the art of it.


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