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Jake Smith – Blacksmith of Groove-Hooves

May 22, 2011

Jake Smith’s Real is possibly my favourite music-find of all time. Its innovative mix of jazz, blues, hip-hop, acoustic rap and soul is enough to blow the mind: This is Certain.

Cause I can’t take this I don’t understand
But after the rain the sun will shine
And all will be made new again love
This is certain

If you’re the sort of person that likes to listen to music when getting ready in the morning, try starting the day with Get Up:

Cause you gotta get up and get the dirt off your shoulder
Wake up and wipe that sleep from your eye

So you won’t waste away your life
Break off from the things that hold you
Grab your stuff and head right through the door
And get ready for so much more

If you’re bored with the time you’re living in
Make a change so you won’t have a could have been life
Instead of everyday just trying to get by
Shake it off and move on
Everyday is a new song to sing
To sing

Check out his song Can’t Save Your Soul on youtube. The incredible sound and profound lyrics of Jake Smith…


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