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The Raw Men Empire: A Misleading Melancholy

May 14, 2011

A raw creativity, a manly humility, an empirial harmony…

A pun-named unlikely folk band comprised of a motley crew of Israelis who met in various pubs in the Tel Aviv area have relased two EPs (download for free or for the amount of your choice) on

“Is it happy music for sad people? Or sad music for happy people?” asks their myspace, voicing the listener’s mild confusion, “You’ll be the judge.”

What’s my verdict? Everbody turns…

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  1. May 18, 2011 00:03

    Since writing this post, I have recieved an email from one of the bandmembers. Not expecting a reply to my email expressing my delight at stumbling across the band online, I was pleasantly surprised to receive a down-to-earth response. It read as follows:

    excuse me for the late reply, we’re so busy booking for our next European tour and some e-mails get lost in the process…
    Thanks for the kind words, we would love to tour the UK sometime soon. Probably not before 2012 though…
    Keep in touch, hopefully we’ll see you in one of our shows soon… :-)

    /// The Raw Men Empire ///
    MUSIC –
    VIDEO –
    LOVE –


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